The following descriptions have been taken from The William Glasser Institute brochure.

The training is educational in nature and is designed for people who work with people. Our students are counselors, teachers, administrators, social workers, nurses, therapists, probation officers, business people-anyone who manages, teaches, counsels or supervises others.

Although the training focuses on helping attendees gain knowledge and skills to sue in their work, participants in our programs have found the concepts applicable to their personal lives.

Our instructors are practicing professionals who have completed this training process and are committed to the Institute's mission of teaching Dr. Glasser's Choice Theory to the world.

The first step in training is our Basic Intensive Week.

Reality Therapy Certification

For those interested in more extensive training, the Institute offers a five-part sequential course of study leading to Reality Therapy Certification:

          1. The Basic Intensive Week
          2. The Basic Practicum
          3. The Advanced Intensive Week
          4. The Advanced Practicum
          5. The Certification Week

There are no educational prerequisites for attendance at the Basic Intensive Week, or for pursuing the course of study leading to Reality Therapy Certification. Participants may proceed through these steps at their own pace. However, the certification process can be completed in a minimum of 18 months.

Certification is not a license to practice counseling or psychotherapy. These practices are governed by the appropriate licensing authorities in the various legal jurisdictions in the United States, Canada and in other countries.

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