Lead Management

Excerpts taken from The William Glasser Institute brochure.

The William Glasser Institute also works extensively with organizations, such as schools, to replace external control theory with Choice Theory as the psychology that drives the system. In practice, this means moving from a boss-management approach to one of lead-management.

Lead-managers continually work on the system to create a non-coercive environment within which students/workers can self-evaluate and achieve quality work. The only way any organization will achieve quality work is if the lead-manager can persuade students/workers to continually upgrade the system by communicating in ways that build trust.

I have assisted many companies with implementing the concepts and principles of Choice Theory (CT) in the workplace over the years. Their reasons ranged from mere curiosity to desiring a total immersion of their company into the concepts and principles of Choice Theory. Those companies that were committed to learning the Choice Theory model and implementing it correctly received surprising results.

    • Increased employee satisfaction, resulting in less complaining and bickering on the job.
    • A common language resulting in a unified approach to conceptualization of issues.
    • Room for individuals’ strengths and unique approaches within the overarching culture of Choice Theory.
    • More effective communication between workers at the same level as well as improved communication throughout the hierarchical management structure.
    • Decrease in employee on-the-job stress, resulting in less sick time taken.
    • Decreased employee turnover, resulting in higher profits for the company.
    • Increased creativity among all employees.
    • Enhanced relationships between management and workers and among workers.
    • Improved services to customers, again resulting in an increase in profits.
    • Decreased resistance and increased cooperation with management’s agenda.

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