The Basic Intensive Week

Excerpts taken from The William Glasser Institute brochure.

A basic working knowledge of Choice Theory, Reality Therapy and Lead-Management can be obtained by participating in a four-to five-day introductory course known as The Basic Intensive Week.

Basic Intensive Weeks are taught by Institute-approved instructors. They are held year-round, in locations across North America and around the globe.

Maximum interaction between participants and the instructor is achieved by keeping group sizes small. Instruction is highly interactive and takes a variety of forms, including role-play, lecture and group discussion.

This week of training is approved through the William Glasser Institute and counts toward the first step in the Reality Therapy certification process. Here’s some of what you will learn:

      • How to build effective relationships with even the most difficult clients.
      • How to clarify what your client really wants.
      • How to utilize a four-step approach to problem-solving and behavior change.
      • How to create a successful plan and maximize its achievement.
      • How to eliminate discipline problems.

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